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Post Cards and Photos from Sanibel would not be possible without the full support of the Sanibel Public Library. They allowed us to have full access to all of their historical pictures and postcards to bring this film to life. It was a labor of love and LABOR can't be stressed enough, as each of those historical documents were digitized in high resolution by David E. Carter himself. One by one, hundreds and then thousands of historical photos and post cards were painstakingly preserved for future generations. The Sanibel Pubic Library now has both the originals and a complete digital library of these one of kind treasures. This is our thank you to the Library and all of the families who have given pieces of their family history for us to share.

Like "Sanibel Before the Causeway", this documentary will come to life with story lines, and "almost" true tales.

  • Created by:David Carter
  • Published on:28 Dec 2016