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Pfeifer Realty Group sponsored their second Sanibel documentary “7 Sanibel Artists” which PREMIERED at BIG ARTS on March 5, 2015.

This documentary film is formatted for public television broadcasting allowing for public broadcast for years to come. Produced by the 7 time Emmy Award winning filmmaker David Carter, "7 Sanibel Artists" takes a look at the art and the artist. The film is accompanied by an online art auction.

Each featured artist generously donated a work of art that was auctioned during this event. Each high bidder designated the non-profit that received their winning bid amount.

Seven Sanibel Artist's raised more than $20,000 in non-profit donations.

Pam Boynton, a Sanibel resident who specializes in creating Sailors’ Valentines. She first learned about Sailors’ Valentines from an article in the New York Times about the opening of the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum in the fall of 1995, and visited the museum the following spring. “I found the Sailors’ Valentines mesmerizing,” she said. “When we left the museum, I told my husband, ‘I’m not sure if they’re tacky, or if they are stunningly beautiful.’ But I knew then that I would someday make my own Sailor’s Valentine.” The next year, Pam entered three of her works in the Sanibel Shell Fair, and won two awards. Since then, she has become a highly regarded creator of this unique art form, and her works are highly prized by collectors from many parts of the United States.

Charlie Brown, creates Japanese gyotaku art - literally translated as “fish rubbings.” In Japan, this inking of the fish and applying to paper was used to record a catch and prove the size of their fish. His unique craft and style has attracted the admiration of many art collectors. The documentary follows the actual process that Brown takes from beginning to end to create these uniquely beautiful works of art from the actual fish itself. Each step requires extreme patience and skill to produce the beauty that results.

Some may find it hard to catch a beautiful fish and not have it for dinner. Not Charlie. A fish in his freezer is a work of art showcased in a gallery not on a plate with garnish. Charlie paints fish that he or friends and family have caught from his home on Shell Creek in Fort Myers to the Florida Keys and Bahamas. The documentary follows the creation of the actual piece that Charlie has donated to the supporting art auction for the documentary.

Jim Sprankle, a Sanibel resident and professional wood carver. Jim's wood carving began in the 1970 initially as a desire to have better duck decoys than those currently available to hunters in Conklyn, New York at the time. An avid hunter, Sprankle carved his first block of wood into a decoy. After learning about a World Championship Carving Competition in Salsbury Maryland, Jim was hooked. He entered his first competition and did not realize the decoys would be also judged floating. Jim had not hollowed out his decoys so they did not float upright. Being a serious competitor this was the spark he needed to improve and return year after year earning blue ribbons. His 11 years as a professional pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jim was made to compete and did not care to lose. Today this Sanibel resident has carved his way to fame. His bald eagle was a symbol of freedom in the white house when George Bush was president, and Cal Ripken owns an Oriole Bird. Jim's works are often commissioned. Each carving takes months to complete.

David Ruhe, living among us on Sanibel this talented painter's style has been described as "realism with a magical touch". David's unique style draws you into a world that seems as if you might be awakening from a dream. David's works are found in prestigious art galleries from Martha's Vineyard to Key West. Many of Ruhe's paintings are on display at Sanibel Art and Frame and the Sanibel community benefits from his talent as he donates many pieces to support the islands. Perhaps one of the best ways to appreciate David's art is expressed in the names of his creations: Balancing Act, Made in the Shade, Hide N Seek and S Car GO. Each when studied brings a wonderful smile and since of whimsy.

Luc Century, known for his work on the Vietnam Memorial Wall Monument in Washington DC, this Sanibel resident is locally known for his creative works on glass and generous spirit. As a young man, Lucas was fascinated by photography. He worked in a ski resort where he learned to etch names on snow skis for clients. Luc will share that during another window washing job, he pulled the squeegee across the glass, saw his reflection and became interested in placing images on glass. From there he experimented for 4 years and eventually combined a photographic technique to apply images with sand blasting to create works of art.

Century continues to be interested in photography and has maintained a studio on Sanibel for nearly 30 years.

Katie Gardinia, fabric sculpture and fiber art creations. With collectors near and far, Katie's whimsical figures have a magical almost old world quality about them. Bringing fabric and texture together in such a way to evoke personalities in her doll like figures each has a unique character. Many of her creations are on display at the Tower Gallery on Tarpon Bay Road. Katie began sculpting at the age of 9. She has since created over 2000 different works, each with it's own unique look. Katie is walking art and truly sees the world as a magical place to be celebrated.

Many will recognize one of Katie's most visual works of art: the world famous Bubble Room on Captiva. The iconic island restaurant was a blank canvas for the boundless creativity that Katie has. For those interested in how she was inspired to create the restaurant's decor and menu be sure to read her book "A Bubble Moment". Like Katie, the book is not just words on pages, it also is a work of art.

And for those who may be wondering if Katie Gardenia is her real name, ask her. You will like her answer.

Myra Roberts, accomplished oil on canvas painter. This Sanibel resident moved full time to the island in 1999 from Chicago and has since become a popular artist in Southwest Florida.

Her vintage style oil paintings evoke memories of days gone by. Even art giant Robert Rauschenberg purchased one of her paintings of Audrey Hepburn for his personal collection. Many of her works are inspired by the Florida tropical lifestyle and Sanibel & Captiva Islands. From vintage bathing beauties, to hollywood icons, and old florida images it is easy to see why Roberts has become an artist that collectors seek.

One of her most recent works is a 20 canvas series on Ann Frank that she painted for the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida. Roberts was recently featured at the prestigious Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Historic Downtown Fort Myers where she displayed many of her best works.

Each of the artists in the documentary is donated a unique piece of art which was auctioned in conjunction with this event. All proceeds where donated to the Sanibel non-profit of the buyer’s choice.

  • Created by:David Carter
  • Published on:28 Dec 2015